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China valve enterprises need to create their own brands

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In recent years, the European and American developed countries will be labor-intensive valve production, especially the general valve is moved to developing countries.They are usually purchased from developing countries to meet the requirements of standard products, then sell to the developing countries and developed countries.Or is the product via any again.Tell it like it is, in the industry transfer of developed countries, our valves have a unique opportunity for development.
Nowadays there are a lot of valves for better service in the foreign enterprise, has obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification and API authentication, some enterprises have achieved the European Union CE safety certification.At the same time, our company has a lot of valve can completely in the production of API standard gate valve, cut-off valve, corrugated pipe cut-off valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, and other products, product quality can fully meet ISO5208:1993 test standard requirements.And so China's valve products export increasing year by year, the export situation overall is good.Valves also abroad to do some Shanghai valve factory, and factory has offices in foreign countries.
Looked from the overall, China's valve has been exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy and other dozens of countries and regions, into the valve market in the world, but our country in the world valve outlet valve or more of the exporting country.Although domestic valve products with out abroad, China valve company in the international valve market is still no voice.The price is the somebody else say, rules and people in charge.From developed countries to buy very cheap valve in our country, and then sell price to developing countries, they both benefit and bought.While domestic enterprises can only serve as a part-time job.
It is understood that in 2013 the Middle East gulf contracting engineering industry will experience a booming again for a year, year total engineering project contract is expected to reach $1.35 trillion, much higher than $730 billion last year.These projects in energy, water and electricity, mining, tourism, housing, transportation and other fields, the Middle East as the main oil production and output parts of the world, all countries are trying to increase oil production, but also increased for oil exploration and investment.The next few years, Kuwait's largest northern oil and gas development projects currently in progress;Qatar will build the world's largest natural gas liquefaction products processing plant;Through the construction of large projects, the united Arab emirates plans to increase oil production, nissan crude oil is expected to more than 3 million barrels a day;ABU dhabi national oil company plans in the next five years on some project invest $1.5 billion a year, 40% of them used in oil industry, etc., and each project requirements of the biggest is the valve products.On the other hand, due to the Middle East, in countries such as Iraq oil field, pipeline was destroyed badly, all need to import oil system and pipeline valve, including API gate valve, corrugated pipe cut-off valve, check valve, long distance pipeline ball valve American standard, etc.And these are the domestic valve production enterprises, the main products are our strengths, we should take the initiative to go to these projects.
One is the trade license.Licensing is awarded by the grantee the grantee commercially valuable rights or technology, including the right to use the trademarks, patents, proprietary technology, and so on.Domestic enterprises valve due to a lack of management experience, famous brand and unique technology, to use this way.But it is also a development direction, can make the enterprises own brand and development with independent intellectual property rights technology.
Second, the export including direct and indirect export.Direct export is refers to the enterprise product sales directly to the international market.It has two ways: one is through intermediaries abroad, sold to the local market.Second, enterprises set up sales agencies in foreign countries, to sell the products to local customers directly.Indirect export is refers to the enterprises by domestic middlemen export their products.The export way is one of the simplest choice, it does not need professional background, and don't need a lot of money into, and strong flexibility, less risk.But the shortcoming is also very obvious, namely the valve factory cannot be directly involved in international marketing activities, basic control of the export market, the market information feedback is limited, it is difficult to make timely adjustments to the change of market.
China's valves only go out to create their own brands to change the role of migrant workers.As long as we understand the needs of the market, the domestic valves become the master of international market of great advantage.As long as the proper way, we can himself to the front of the market, as the leading role of the market.
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